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Barner & Barner’s attorneys are true litigators.

Estate, trust, guardianship, and fiduciary litigation are the firm’s focus.

With this comes tactical know how, proven strategy, litigation innovation, and legal resources devoted exclusively to assisting clients in Florida with their trust litigation needs.

The knowledge and elite legal skills we possess in trust litigation are the result of our years of experience successfully serving clients across Florida. Trust litigation is an exceedingly complex and nuanced area of the law. There is a separate and lengthy chapter of Florida Statutes specifically crafted for trust matters, and the law is ever changing. Our attorneys keep up to date with the latest developments to benefit you by regularly attending Florida Bar meetings around the state to discuss and draft proposed trust legislation for the state of Florida. Do not trust your litigation matter to any attorney who does not possess the skill and practice area knowledge that only time, tutelage and experience bring. You need a trust litigator, not merely an attorney.

Barner & Barner serves you by a deep proficiency in the practice area. We understand and leverage litigation procedure and tactics, which in many instances are completely unique to trust litigation.

A natural byproduct of our longtime work in this area is the proven and continually refined processes and strategies that directly benefit our clients. Since we are a boutique law firm, you will receive the attention you deserve, while we provide the honed skills you need to achieve the results you seek.

Whether in the trial court or the appellate court, our attorneys and legal staff have the talents and experience to assist you.

Barner & Barner prosecutes and defends cases encompassing:
  • Trust contests
  • Inheritance claims and rights
  • Beneficiary determinations
  • Trustee’s actions in administration
  • Allegations of fraud
  • Forged documents
  • Breach of trust
  • Undue influence and lack of capacity
  • Improper maintenance or distribution of a trust
  • Accounting objections
  • Trust construction, modification, reformation and termination
  • Trust administration
  • Trust termination
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Fiduciary removal and surcharge
  • Appeals