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Barner & Barner represents guardians and interested persons in contested incapacity and guardianship matters.

For several years our firm has successfully represented guardians and other interested persons in these emotional and often contentious matters at the trial and appellate level. We are also regularly appointed by the courts of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit to represent alleged incapacitated persons, which provide a service to the community and adds to our already extensive experience.

The knowledge and elite legal skills we possess in guardianship litigation are the result of our years of experience successfully serving clients across Florida. Guardianship litigation is an exceedingly complex and nuanced area of the law. There is a separate and lengthy chapter of Florida Statutes specifically crafted for guardianship matters and the law is ever changing. Our attorneys keep up to date with the latest developments to benefit you by regularly attending Florida Bar meetings around the state to discuss and draft proposed guardianship legislation for the state of Florida. Do not trust your guardianship litigation matter to any attorney who does not possess the skill and practice area knowledge that only time, tutelage and experience bring. You need a guardianship litigator, not merely an attorney.

Ours is a combination of experienced legal skill and the patient, client-focused service and counsel to see these matters resolved as efficiently, as seamlessly and as respectfully as possible for all involved. Let our boutique law firm give you and your family the personal attention, excellent legal services, and results you deserve.

Barner & Barner’s guardianship litigation and representation services encompass:
  • Establishing a guardianship
  • Incapacity proceedings
  • Disputes over guardianship administration
  • Guardianship for the elderly and ill
  • Florida guardian removal or review of conduct
  • Abuse of power of attorney
  • Removal and surcharge actions
  • Defense against guardianship
  • Guardianship accountings
  • Elder abuse
  • Restoration of capacity proceedings
  • Domesticating another state’s guardianship in Florida
  • Appeals